Your Body


You may delay, but time will not – Benjamin Franklin

However you feel about your body at this time in your life is irrelevant, what is important is what you think is possible with your body right now. Let me explain a little further…

We are all born with a certain set of genes that are set in stone, we then develop beliefs about ourselves as individuals, our body image through life perception/experiences and and our surrounding world through how we choose to educate ourselves. Now if we take all of this into account you will realise that we are all very unique and that we all need to look after ourselves in different ways to become the best we can be.

You are unique

You might feel that when it came down to being handed out your genes, you lost your number at the gene counter or you may feel that you were very blessed. Unfortunately most people do not feel they fall into the latter category, those people tend to either have a string of gold medals around their neck or don’t get out of bed for less than £10,000 a day, they also form just 5% of our society.

Now i thoroughly believe that succeeding at any health goal is all to do with how you view yourself, how realistic you are about your body type and how much you want to achieve your goal:

  • View – How you view your current lifestyle situation will let you know right now if you are going to succeed or fail. If you always see yourself failing at weightloss, you always will. If you view lifestyle changes as impossible and a real chore, they always will be. If you view everything with regards to exercise as hard work, then it will be. If you see yourself succeeding at your goal, you will. Change your perception of life and you will change your life.
  • Realistic – How realistic are you being about your current situation? Have you always been over weight and you want to be a skinny minny? Not impossible, but you will always be fighting against your natural genes. Are you sure you want that daily battle for the rest of your life? Why not be happy with being slim and healthy? Are you 5ft and want to be a cat walk model? Then get real, you could be a commercial model, but not a cat walk model. Are you 60 and want to run your first marathon? This is not impossible, but being realistic it is going to be a challenge. How much effort are you willing to put it? Have you always been skinny and want to be a power lifter? Again not impossible, but your genes are stacked against you. You might be better at long distance running or triathlons with your body type. Are you 45 and are hoping to look like you did when you were 25? This is impossible, your body changes so much during those years that you will never look that way again, but it doesn’t mean to say that you will not look amazing for your age. Maybe that is not what you wanted to hear, but being realistic will help you to succeed and you do want to succeed, right?
  • Want – How much do you want to succeed? What changes are you willing to make to succeed? How much effort are you willing to put in to succeed? If how much you want to succeed out weighs the pleasure you get from every bad habit in your life, then you are onto a winner!

Self belief and self image

As we grow up our self belief and self image is formed, unfortunately in this day and age our self belief is usually poor and our self image even worse. So much emphasis is put on men/women looking perfect and leading perfect lives, that when our lives fall short of a “Friends” episode, we believe that there must be something wrong with us. Now when we read the above and take a moment to think about it, we know its not true, we know the media wants to make us feel inferior so that we buy their products, but because we are faced with it daily and in copious amounts, we start to doubt ourselves.

My only answer to this would be a simple one, if we were all meant to conform to the ‘same ole same ole’ perfect model types that we see in the media, then how come we all look so different? How come there are no two human beings born the same? Exactly. So instead of having an unrealistic image in your mind and allowing yourself to be miserable over a set of genes that aren’t yours. Why don’t you find a pic of yourself when you were happy in your life/job/skin and pin it to your fridge door or computer as inspiration. If you have never had the happiness of ever feeling good about yourself, then pick two pictures: 1 A celebrity or person that has your body type and has worked hard to look great or have physically achieved amazing things. 2 A second person that you admire for their mind.e.g. a writer, MP, activist or song writer. That way you are focusing on improving the whole person, not just the exterior.

Most importantly though it is always about constantly remembering your good points and successes and being aware of your not so good points and learning from your failures. If you do that, success will be yours.


I think the key to any successful health/fitness plan, apart from being realisitic and believing in yourself, is education. I believe the more we read, listen and watch with regards to our health, the more likely we are to make life enhancing choices. If we read 3 books about health, we don’t have to remember all of what we read, just the parts that were relevant to us. If we listen to mind/body/spirit audiobooks in our car, it puts us in a positive mindset to make healthy choices. If you watch TV programmes on health and fitness you might just pick up a few handy tips from someone going through what you are going through or look up information regarding fitness on good quality web sites(Like mine!), you never know what you might learn. The more you know, the more powerful you will become, the more powerful you become, the higher chance you have of overcoming obstacles on your rd to success.